Battlefield Live North Carolina

Laser Tag Fayetteville


In this match, two teams will battle each other. Each team will have a combo box that will provide both ammunition refills and life responds. Players will start with 5 lives and an unlimited number of re-spawns. The mission is to eliminate your opponent as many times as you can before the match time expires. At the end of the match, the respawns will be counted to determine the victor. All combo boxes must remain in place.


Teams go head to head in this survival of the fittest match. Unlike team death match where players can respawn, this match is more strategic. In order to win your team must eliminate every member of the opposing team. There will be a match time set so if there is a victor before the time expires, the games will be paused and all players will allowed to reenter the game. The team with the most victories will be the winner. All combo boxes must remain in place.


This is a fast paced game. Each team will start a their base and they will have a team flag posted. Once the match has started each team will try to make their way to the opponent's base to capture their flag. The flag must be then brought back to your base in order for your team to be declared the winner. Once a flag is picked up by a player, that player must maintain the flag until it is brought to their base. Basically there is no passing the flag. If a player is eliminated they must return the flag back to the opponents base (this rule can be changed). We will play as many rounds within the time limit as possible. The team that captures the flag the most will be declared the victor of Capture the Flag. All combo boxes must remain in place.


This advanced version of Capture the Flag combines both Capture the Flag and Team Elimination. Standard game rules apply with a few changes. There are no respawns in this game. Once your hit points are down to zero and you die, you must sit out until the round is over. If a player has the flag when they are eliminated they must drop the flag and exit the field until the round is over.


There will be a domination box placed in the field of play. Once the box is shot by one team, they will have control of the box and the timer will start for that team. The opposing team must shoot the box in order to take control of the box. The team that controls the box the longest will be declared the victor. All combo boxes and the  domination box must remain in place.


Bravo Team In Control!                                                          Alpha Team In Control!


Each team is allow one sniper that must remain at their base. The sniper will be set to 20 hit point while the rest of the team will have 5 hit points. The sniper will also be set to one shot one kill. Each team will take turns using thier sniper (only one sniper on the field at a time). The mission is for the opposing team to eliminate the sniper as fast as they can. The team that eliminates the sniper the fastest will be declared the victor. All combo boxes must remain in place.


This game is similar to Sniper Nest with one change, there is a machine gunner at the base instead of a sniper.


This game was created during one of our parties in 2014. One of the children wanted everyone on the field to be a sniper so we set all of the guns to sniper mode and one shot one kill. It is crazy but fun. Each sniper has a bolt action rifle which means you will have to hit the reload button twice. Once to simulate opening the bolt and expending the cartridge and the second time to simulate loading the next round. Be careful because if you miss your shot, you will be volnerable until you have another round ready to fire. All combo boxes must remain in place.


In this game the action gets real. Once a player is killed he must sit down or lye down and yell for a medic. Any player that is still alive may become the medic. They must grab the combo box and take it to there downed teammate in order to respawn them. There is no set location for the combo box. It can be moved around the battlefield to any location except at the opponent's base.

Multi-Flag Domination:

There will be 3 or 5 domination points set up on the field. Each team will have a flag for each point (when 3 points are set up each team will have 3 flags). The domination points will began as neutral points. When the game starts each team will try to take over each domination point. The team that holds the most points at the end of the game will be the winner. 

The first point is a neutral point. The second point is controlled by B Team. The third point is controlled by A team.

The flags are connected to an arm that rotates so you can control a point simply by rotating your flag to the top.

The game can be modify by adding a timer to each point so that the winner can be determined by who holds the point the longest.


SABOTAGE- One team must plant the bomb in enemy territory and then arm it. The other team must kill the man who planted the bomb to get the disarm code. After getting the code, they must then disarm the bomb. The team that planted the bomb must then activate it again. If the bomb goes off before the end of the game then the team that planted the bomb will win. If the time expires and the bomb does not go off, then the opposing team wins. Once the bomb is in place it can not be moved. If the bomb is armed and it is moved, the sensor will be tripped. This will speed up the bomb timer. If the wrong code is enter then the timer will speed up. There are more rules and these will be explained before the game start.

Your ideas can become a game. Because this is your party, we welcome you to create the type of game you want to play. We are just here to facilitate the fun. We will suggest the games but it is up to you what games we play.


These are some standard rules that we ask all players to follow:

1. Please listen to the initial briefing so that you can understand the function of the guns.

2. Please treat the equipment with care.

3. Show good sportsmanship to other players.

4. No physical contact during the game.

5. Play within the bounderies of the field.