Battlefield Live North Carolina

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Book My Event?

A. We take reservations over the phone, but you can also submit your reservation through our website. You may reach us at 910-336-7786 or via email at

Who can play Battlefield LIVE North Carolina Mobile Laser Tag?
A. Everyone aged 5 and older. Boys and girls, moms and dads, even grandmas and grandpas can play!...

Q. Where can I play?
A.We are 100% mobile. We bring the fun to you! We can transform any front yard, back yard,gym, playground, baseball field, football field, soccer field, or park into a battlefield. Wooded areas can also be a suitable battlefield. The larger the area, the better but we will work with any area to make it a suitable battlefield.

Q.What languages are the guns programed to speak?
A. All of our guns are capable of speaking U.S. English (male & female), British English, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, French, Dutch (German), Mandarin and Arabic.

Q.Do Battlefield Live NC gaming guns shoot lasers? Is it eye-safe?
A. There are NO LASERS. Our gaming guns use an invisible and harmless INFRARED beam of light, just like your TV remote control, so it's totally eye-safe.

Q.Do you include staff to run the party?
A.Yes! All of our party packages includes a Mission Director who manages the entire event.

Q. How much space do I need for a Laser Tag party or event?

A. The larger the area, the better but we will work with any area to make it a suitable battlefield.

Q. Does it hurt when you get hit?

A. No, the  Laser Tag units use a harmless infrared technology similar to a TV remote to deliver the "tag" which causes your sensors to light up. In addition to your sensors lighting up when tagged, your laser tag unit will emit sounds to indicate that you have been tagged.

Q. Can I play Laser Tag during the day or night?

A. YES! Our Laser Tag equipment can be used in day or night, light rain, indoors or outdoors.