Company Info

Owners/ Operators : Larry & Carrie Williams

Assisted by: Kanesha & Kevin Williams

Location: Fayetteville, NC

Start Up date: April 2013

About owner Larry: I have been in the Army for over 19 years. I have deployed 4 times and have served proudly as a paratrooper. I started Battlefield Live NC because I wanted to do something that would get people actively moving. Being active is a very important part of life. I have played both laser tag and paint ball. The rules of laser tag keeps you from being too active because you can't run in the facilities that you play in. Paint ball on the other hand is great for getting your heart pumping. However the game is messy and there is always room for people to cheat. Battlefield Live combines both games and delivers a very unique experience. I am excited to bring this form of entertainment to the public. Though we are small now, we will continue to grow.

About owner Carrie: Carrie has been working hard to bring in business for Battlefield Live NC. She has maintained the business facebook page along with booking 99% of the parties and events that we have done. She prepares the equipment prior to the evens and she gives great input on how to improve operations.